Eric did a phenomenal job coordinating all the songs we had requested and making suggestions which worked out beautifully! Everyone had such a wonderful time and much of it was due to Eric's skills with the music to set just the right mood at just the right time! 

Heather, his wife, is a very talented, creative and energetic photographer! We had some rain right after the ceremony so she had to do some scrambling to get some beautiful shots which we had not planned, but they came out wonderfully and we couldn't be happier! Both of them worked their butts off at our rehearsal dinner and wedding but they both seemed so into our event and we could tell they just love what they do!!!

Wedding: 05/03/2014

July 2014

We are excited to share our wonderful experience with Heather and Eric! We were recently married in an outdoor venue and we wanted our photographer and entertainment to feel like family. To blend in with our family and friends. To feel comfortable around them where they could more easily capture us enjoying ourselves and without the traditional stuffy poses. We are absolutely thrilled with their work. While Heather and Eric maintained professionalism, they were also like family to work with.

Heather caught some amazing shots of some special moments as well as some funny candid moments we will reminisce about when we look at the pictures. Since we have some photography experience, we can confidently advise and recommend Heather. She is clearly a professional photographer on all facets. She remembered the important people to get pictures of. She remembered our requests and after seeing the photos now, one would think she had several photographers working with her. She caught so many angles of one event. It is like she was magically everywhere but unseen to most. She is incredibly talented showing her abilities as well as creativity in capturing the pictures she did with the lighting challenges or rather opportunities as she saw it. We loved the ideas she had and her enthusiasm to try new ideas. A true artist!

Eric was instrumental in keeping setting the tone, keeping us on the flexible schedule we set up with him in advance. In fact, he was like a wedding coordinator keeping things moving on and guests entertained. He read the crowd of guests we had so well. Everyone from all ages found something they liked and danced! And we all had such fun with the Wedding Shoe game. Eric made us and our guests laugh and have a great time. A true entertainer!

We have been told by our guests since we have returned from our honeymoon, outside of us finally getting married after 12 years, Heather and Eric made our wedding the best they had ever been to. And finally, this strong recommendation comes after working with Heather and Eric, of Olympic Entertainment, for 8 hours. We truly got a great package for such a low price. I’m so glad we searched and searched for the right fit. There were worth every minute and worth so much more than we paid. We can’t wait for an opportunity to hire them again!

Happily Married,
Mr. and Mrs. Hamness

"Heather and Eric are AMAZING!!! I have so many awesome things to say I don't know where to start. They made sure my day was perfect. Eric kept the evening going and on schedule and made sure all the guests had an awesome time. He was so much fun and enjoyable we all had a blast and everything went so smoothly. Heather took nothing short of phenomenal photos! She had wonderful poses and her photos come out breathtaking. These two are worth far more then they ask for and are the most amazing and down to earth people you will meet. I highly recommend these two for your DJ and Photographer needs!!"
Chandelle and Patrick R.



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