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Will you travel to our event?

We love to travel! It's so much fun taking off for your event. Like a new adventure.  We have reliable vehicles and trailers to be able to get to you. Many of our client's events are outside of the region. Over 250 miles requires accommodations. 

How many songs do you have and do we have to pick the music?

At this time our music library has over 15,000 songs, and it grows ever week. We make absolutely sure that we have your important songs such at First Dance, Father Daughter Dance etc. We also make every effort to have your other requests within reason. We want you to be happy. Don't worry if you don't know what songs to play as we know what works. Remember your event will likely have a wide mixture of people. Some young some old and many with differing tastes. Years of experience has taught us how to keep everyone happy and dancing.

Can you perform the music for our wedding ceremony?

  Yes, we offer very affordable rates for your ceremony music. Remember this is the most important time of your day. We also offer microphone packages including lapel mics for the Bride and Groom so guests can be next to you, even across the room.

Do you have backup systems?

Yes for everything. We often hear about the DJ who's computer crashed and completely ruined an event. We at DJ's And photos For You have backups for our music, speakers, lights, microphones, and cameras. We leave nothing to chance. You wouldn't get on an airplane that didn't have backup systems and your DJ and Photographer should too.

Do I really need a DJ during dinner and toasts?

Yes. The DJ helps keep things running in order. You shouldn't have to worry about when dinner starts, or who goes first. We are your wedding planners. When your guests arrive we will have soft background music playing so they know they are at the right place and keep them informed and excited about your arrival. 

How early do you arrive for an event?

We like to be early. Usually 2 hours before for an out of town event and an hour and a half for in town events. 

Can you work within our budget?

Everyone is different, and have different expectations. We offer budget and premium packages. Available extra's include microphone packages, video projectors, dance lights, and premium sound systems. Please contact us with the date and services needed and we can quickly get you a quote.

Do you just do weddings?

We are wedding specialists. They are the most important and complicated events we do. Everything is agreed upon in a consultation either in person or by phone depending on the distance of the event. But we also are comfortable with all private events such as reunions, birthday parties, quinceanera's, sweet 16's, holiday parties, proms and school dances. 

What are your prices?

Please email us or give us a call to discuss what package would be most appropriate for what you need.

Can't I save a lot of money with an iPod and a friend with a camera?

Yes, you could, but don't expect people to stay long or have the time of there life. An experienced DJ and Photographer know how to keep your program on schedule, keep the dance floor busy, and get the photo's that you will keep forever. We package both services and you can relax and enjoy the day without worrying. The DJ makes the moments happen and the Photographer captures them forever.

Do you do photo editing?

Yes! Our basic package includes quick light editing, while our premium package goes over each and every one of the photo's to make sure everything is right. There are many, many hours of work included.

Do you copyright your photo's?

Yes. You receive a complete print release, that allows you to use the images how you see fit. This can save you a tremendous amount of money. 

How many pictures do you take?

Many of our events include up to 800 photos. It just depends on the package and we work extremely hard to capture every moment at every angle.

Please let us know if other questions you may have. We are always available to answer them.

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